Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm a Big Girl Now!

Grandma and Grandpa came over the other day. I love them! They give me more treats than they are supposed to and when grandpa is here, that means I get a walk - EVERY TIME! I get very excited. Grandpa has this wierd thing that flashes. I think it's a toy, but they won't let me chew it. Daddy held me and it flashed a couple of times. This is what it looked like:

I'm cute. I know it. You know it. Everybody knows it. Everybody tells me. The last two months, I have gone from a puppy dog to pre-teen. Mommy and daddy say that's good, but I'm not totally a good dog. My favorite chew toys got taken away a few months ago. That would be the couch, recliner, and loveseat. I had chewed holes in everything. It was fun. So, mommy and daddy got new stuff. It looks pretty yummy. But now, when they leave, I get to go in a thing called "my house." I know better though. It's solitary confinement. I don't fight them when they put me in (because there is usually a treat for me in there) but I don't like it. But I really like it when they let me out! I go out back and do Zoomies until I'm tired.

My favorite thing now is to steal a sock, bra, pair of underwear and take it under the bed. I know I'm not supposed to but it's so much fun! Under the bed is my own little place of destruction.

Monday is my BIRTHDAY! least that is what the paper says. I don't think anybody really knows for sure. But we're gonna celebrate it anyway. Maybe daddy will give me one of his socks without me having to sneak it away. That'd be fine by me!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Greetings from the Couch!

Hey dawgs! Frecks here.

Wow. It's been a long time since daddy let me have some computer time. He's ALWAYS in here. at my new doghouse is freakin GREAT! I run the show now. I'm teaching mommy and daddy how to take care of me the way I want to be taken care of.

I hate it when mommy or daddy leave - even for a second. I scream and cry. I like to look out the window in daddy's office because I can see when people are coming and going. Daddy shuts the door to his office when he leaves because he's afraid I'm going to chew on wires. I don't know what those are yet, but I don't think I like em anyway. Well....yesterday I figured out if I put my front paws on the office door and bounce, I can open the doors! HA! That'll show him! I run this place.

They're tryin to teach me what I can and can't chew on. I love pillows! Those are the biggest, cushiest chew toys in the world! I love to rip em open and take all that fun stuffing out. There used to be two pillows on the chair. NOT ANY MORE! HA! Daddy left the door open to the extra bedroom one day. He got in trouble! I got me two more pillows! I kinda got the comforter, but mommy closed up the little hole with some string or somethin. I'll get in there again and figure that one out.

Since they don't seem to like me chewing on pillows, daddy gets me a new toy just about every day. I love my little tennis balls and we play chase in the back yard. I'm so much faster than daddy. It's funny to watch him try to catch me. Yesterday, they came home with a new best friend. It's called a Loofa Dog. It squeaks on both ends! I love to carry it around. Eventually, I'll get to those squeakers inside....I like to rip these things open.

I've been sleeping on a blanket on the floor for a long long time. But, the other day I decided to give some other places a try. The couch....but mommy and daddy don't like me on there...especially when they're eating......the chair....that was fun when it had the I just play there mostly......Then I found it. My throne - the cushy recliner. It's my favorite place. I slept with mommy and daddy a few nights, but they snore. I can snuggle up on this chair and nobody bothers me. It's super comfy.

I went to the vet last week and got to play with a few other dogs and a thing called a cat. I kinda liked the cat. He played with me and wasn't scared of me at all. The other dogs told me that if I tried to hurt it, the cat would pull out his real sharp claws and cut me. I don't want any of THAT action. So we just sniffed a little butt and parted ways. I don't have heartworms, which daddy says is good. They got me some medicine so I won't ever get them, which is good because it taste like beef jerkey!

Daddy and I work on my "Sit" and "Down" every night. I'm getting pretty good. I still can't listen when I get excited. They get that leash and I just can't wait to go 'splorin! Everybody in the neighborhood knows me. Mommy and daddy talk to much.....I wanna go find bugs and grass and stuff to eat. We started working on a thing called "Up" last week. I'll do anything for one of those treats, and evidentally "Up" means I'm supposed to stand on my back legs. But, I like to jump instead. It gets me higher to the treat. Stupid daddy. He hasn't figured that out yet.

Well.....that's all for now. I've got to go take a six hour nap now so when Momma gets home, I can play my favorite game - "Gonna Lick your FACE!"

Frecks OUT!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

I don't like to be alone!

Yesterday, mommy and daddy learned something important about me. I do NOT like to be by myself! When they got home from going to the grocery store, I was so happy to see them.

Even when daddy is home, I still wait for mommy. Here I am looking out the window, expecting her home any minute.Mommy and daddy got me a bed today. I'll chew it up and spit it out so they let me sleep on their bed. It's just a big toy. Daddy put all my toys in it though. It's fun to get in and play with all ten of them at once. My favorite is the little tennis-ball he got for me. I like to throw it up in the air and watch it bounce. Then I stomp on it. I can do it all by myself. I don't need help.

Daddy taught me to sit the night I got home. He says I'm really good at it now. Except when I'm super excited. I lose focus and I just can't help myself. But, when I'm calm, I can sit like a champ. I've gotten so good, that last night I learned how to lay down when he tells me to. We're still working on it. I only want to do it when he has those neat little treats that taste like steak. And he has to give me three or four before I catch on. But, I'm SO close!

I like to lay on the bed with mommy and sleep while she watches TV. I just like to be in the same room as mommy or daddy (but I like when they're both with me). Just as long as somebody is here. I hate when I'm in charge of the whole house myself.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

I feel like a new dog!

What a day I'm having! I woke up this morning and mom and dad told me they were going to get me a new bed. I don't know that I want a new bed....I like mommy and daddy's. But I guess they can get me one to keep my toys in. I likie toys. We went to a place called PetCo. It wasn't as fun as the PetsMart the night I met my daddy, but I guess it'll do. Before we went in, mommy went to make me an appointment with a lady called a "groomer." Next thing I know, I'm being arrested and booked in puppy jail! I didn't like that. Mommy and daddy promised to bail me out.

Then, some strange lady came and got me. I tried to fight her a little bit, but I'm such a lil thing, I knew she was gonna get me. They put me on a table and next thing I know, I look like THIS:

I gots a haircut! I didn't know I had that much hair. Now I got more legs than I do body! The good thing was afterwards, we got to walk through the store and pick out some new stuff. I got a Kong toy and some treats (I really really like those) and a new collar. I didn't really like their beds (neither did mommy or daddy) so we'll wait on that one.

The best thing about my new name and my new haircut is now you can see freckles all over my back and face! I'm a Freckle girl all over! I never knew that before. I think I'll sleep the rest of the day. THAT was very tiresome.

Check you dawgs later! Frecks OUT!

Senorita Freckleface - Our new Puppy

This is Senorita Freckleface (Freckles for short). She is part Corgi and part something else (Australian Shepard or Sheltie we think). She's a pretty laid back puppy. That is, until she gets in the backyard after a walk and then she likes to rev up the engines.

Friday, March 30, 2007

I freakin love it here! I'm getting used to my new diggs and soon I think they'll trust me enough to leave me alone in the house for a little while. I'm not lookin forward to it, but eventually, I want them to leave and go get me some more food and treats.

I love my food. Daddy says I'm like a little vacuum cleaner. I sniff around and find crumbs of anything and everything. I'll do just about anything for one of those freakin treats. They're good.

I'm still confused about a lot of things. I get to sit up on the couch with mommy and daddy until they eat their own dog food. Then I have to sit on the floor. It smells so good I can't help myself. My overwhelming cuteness made mommy cry yesterday. Heh. I got her just where I want her!

Yesterday, something snuck up behind me in the backyard. It had been following me for weeks and I finally decided to mount my attack. I spun around three or four times to catch it. It was as fast as I was though and it was hard to get. Once I caught up to it, I bit down and it HURT! I tumbled down the hill in the backyard. Turns out, it was attached to my butt! It was my waggin stick. I got really dizzy and mommy and daddy laughed at me. So, I decided to run back up the hill and do it again.

I really like these big comfy beds they have. They let me sit on the big bed while they get ready for their training classes. Daddy says when humans do it, it's called "work." I wonder if they get treats at work? I wanna go to work. I love treats. It's a character flaw. Daddy can make me do just about anything for those.

I got in a little trouble yesterday. I knew my chews and treats were on the kitchen table. That's high and I can't reach those. But I could sure smell em! I figured out that the things next to the table move. I pushed with my little puppy nose and I was able to jump up on the little seat. It was like a buffet up here! Wouldn't you know, just when I was about to chomp down on heaven, daddy caught me and scolded me. I don't like to be scolded. It hurts my feelings. Sometimes I just can't help myself! I'm a growing puppy! I need me the sustancance!

This house is really comfy and I'm finding neat places to sleep. My favorite place is right next to daddy's computer. That way I know the exact moment he gets up. Sometimes, they close the door, so I sleep right on top of it. Nobody is getting out of here unless I know about it!'s about time for daddy to walk me. I'm not sure why we walk, but it's fun. He is obsessed with that potty thing. But I'll poop in my own yard thankyouverymuch!

Until next time! This is Frecky signing off!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hi! I'm Freckles.

Hi! I'm Freckles. Welcome to my page.

I'm almost five months old, and I just met my permanent mommy and daddy yesterday. I've had it pretty rough, but I consider myself lucky. I got to have a bunch of really fun people look after me my whole life. Not a lot of other dogs get that.

I was born on November 14, 2006, in Seguin, Texas. least that's how we're going to tell the story. Fact is, I was FOUND in Seguin, and it says on my vet paperwork that I was born on November 14th, so that's what we're gonna stick to. My sister, Velveeta, and I were picked up as strays. On the way to the pound, we overheard them talk about what they do to puppies there. We needed so much attention cause we were babies, and they didn't have the attention to give. So, it looked like the end of the line for Velveeta and me. But, we were both lucky. One of the prison guards called a place called Lil Paws Maltese Rescue. Now, I don't know what I maltese is, but I'll pretend to be one if it gets me rescued. They agreed to save me and Velveeta! What a happy day that was.

They came and got us and we had to go through a bunch of test to make sure we weren't sick. I passed with flying colors cause I'm smaht. That's where the vet gave me my original name - Miss Pickleshorts. Something was wrong with Velveeta....she wasn't feeling well. Turns out, she had something called Parvo. It scared everybody. I was tested for it but I was lucky and didn't have it. She had to go through a bunch of medications and test, she was isolated from all other doggies. I was pretty sad. But, I found out that Velveeta got CURED! AND the lady that cured her actually adopted her as her very own. Way to go Velveeta!

But, wait a minute? The sick cute puppy got adopted and I'm still in my halfway house? That don't sound fair. I got to live with a really nice family near Austin, Texas. They had lots of squirrels that I got to bark at. It's not that I don't like squirrels, I just want them to keep doing their squirrel work and stop looking at me. My foster mommy and daddy sure loved me. Even though I knew I wasn't staying, I still had it good.

Then, all of a sudden, they took me over to the lady's house that rescued me. She loved me, too. Was this my permanent home? No? I was told that there was a couple that had just moved from Houston, Texas, to the major metropolitan area of Belton, Texas. I had never heard of Belton. Turns out, the daddy down there had been waiting and waiting for months and months to get a new puppy. He looked at hundreds (maybe THOUSANDS) of dogs and puppies and could have picked any one of them. But - he picked me! It's cuz I'm smaht and purty. All the other dogs said so.

Normally, these permanent parent people have to go through a real long process of filling out forms, people have to go check out their house. These people that saved me want to make sure I don't need no saving again! But my permanent parents were pretty impressive I guess, because they let them come get me right away!

On Wednesday, March 28, they took me to a parking lot in the middle of Austin. There was a guy on the phone next to his truck. Is that him? I liked him o.k. But, I've been through this before. Where and what am I going to do now? They talked for awhile and I sniffed around. This guy was sure happy to see me. He didn't have anything for me, so I wasn't too sure what he was up to.

We drove off and I was pretty sad. I mean, that lady saved my life. She took pretty good care of me and my sister. I hope I get to see her again someday and say thank you. I'm sorry. I got carried away. We puppies do that a lot. Back to my story....

This dude stopped at a place called PetsMart. It looked fun, but there were some big honkin dogs in that place. I was tired of being around big honkin dogs. I don't want to live here! He took me inside and I got to sniff a few butts. Everybody told me I was the cutest dog they have ever seen, but I knew that already. I wasn't impressed. We went down this row that had all these great things to eat, but I couldn't have none of it! Then this tall guy leaned over and gave me a little treat. It was like a mini-prime-rib steak. Then it hit me. This guy is going to be responsible for feeding me. I'm going to kiss his butt! He's going to love me!

The rest of the ride home I quit my little game and I was a very thankful dog. He petted me and sang to me. It was weird, but I didn't care. We got to this house I had never seen before and stopped. He took me into the yard and kept telling me to do something called "potty." I don't know what the hell he was talking about. All I know is something was making noise over in the dark and I wanted to make sure it knew I was there. I barked and barked. The guy said it was a piece of paper blowing in the wind.....but I'm pretty sure it was a gorilla. Yup.

Then I got to go inside. WOW! This place is big. And there were no other doggies there! This house is ALL MINE! I sniffed around and this lady came out. She was nice and I licked her a little and wagged my tail to make sure she knew how cute I was.

Then it happened. They took me to the magical place called the "backyard". Again, they kept telling me to go "potty" but I just wanted off that leash. Finally, they took it off me and I revved up my engine. I ran and ran and RAN and ran and ran some more. Big figure eights. I could have run back there all day. But, I had to go potty - DOH! THAT'S what they were talking about! I went over and went tinkle in the corner and you would have thought these two people had won the lottery! They danced and I got a treat and a pet. That worked out well. We headed inside and mommy gave me some water and was I ever THIRSTY. I drank the whole bowl.

While mommy and daddy unpacked all my new toys and stuff, I started splorin. I looked and found the big big bed! That's where I'm sleeping! I figured I'd start this show off right and took a big ol poopy right there. Daddy came in and cleaned it up in no time flat. He wasn't too happy and took me out in the backyard again. I think I was supposed to do that in the backyard, but I didn't care. I ran again. Sometimes he would even chase me. That was FUN!

I got tired and we all sat on the couch. I got to get petted by both of them. It was late though and my mommy went to bed. Daddy and I stayed up and he followed me around to make sure I didn't do that potty thing in the house again. I think I remember. I forget sometimes.

He taught me something new. Turns out, when he says the word "SIT" and I put my butt on the ground, he gives me one of those steak-treats. I LOVE THOSE! And all I have to do is putt my butt on the ground? This is going to be a breeze.

Daddy got on a thing called the computer to tell all of his friends about me. He took a couple of pictures. I've had my picture taken before. It's because I'm purty....everybody tells me so. We decided since I drank so much water that we weren't going to get to sleep in the big bed. We slept in the medium sized bed. That's o.k. with me, cause it was just as comfy. I jumped right up and showed daddy that I already knew how this game worked. I fell asleep quickly.

Do you know he woke me up TWICE and made me go outside and potty? I humored him but I probably could have held it. I mean, I was TIRED. But, he said the important thing is I haven't had an "accident" in the house since that first one. Accident? It's no accident. I meant to do it. I just didn't know where to do it. My little puppy bladder doesn't give me time to make a list of places. I usually just go where it's the easiest. He watches me pretty close.

So, today has been pretty fun. We ate breakfast. That was great. It's the same food that the other ladies were feeding me. I like that food. I ate it really fast. Mommy went to work and daddy stayed here to play with me. We played with all my toys. But, my favorite thing to do is to eat the grass and make daddy chase me. He doesn't like me to eat the grass, but it sure is fun watching him try to stop me!

We got in the car and went to visit some people. My mommy has a mommy and daddy that live not too far away. They were happy to see me but they were leaving. I'll get to see a lot more of them later. Then we went to a really amazing place. It had the biggest back yard in the WORLD! Daddy said it was forty acres. We got out of the truck and I got scared. I saw doggies EVERYWHERE! And they all wanted to sniff my butt at the same time. I don't like that. That's just RUDE. One at a time is o.k.....but six cold doggie noses up my hind end is just uncalled for. I growled and snipped at one of them and they got the message.

We went inside and got to meet my daddy's mommy and daddy. There was also my daddy's sister-in-law and a person that was almost my size! My daddy said she was his niece, Mackenzie. You could tell she has been around dogs her whole life because she wasn't scared of me. AND she knew that I was a puppy and treated me very gentle. I think I'll like her most of the time. As long as she doesn't hug me real big. Daddy got some big gate thing but he wouldn't tell me what it was for. I've got a bad feeling he's going to use it to keep me in the kitchen. We'll see how THAT works out. I'm pretty smaht.

The rest of the day I've pretty much caught up on my beauty-sleep. It's been quiet. We tried to learn a new trick, but "lay down" is a little harder than "SIT". We'll try again later and I'll catch on.

I'll update yall later when I get comfortable around here. It's raining outside. I hope Velveeta is having as much fun as I am.